Obama’s “Catholic Plan”

January 13, 2010

If you are Catholic, watch it. If not, watch it anyway.


Silent Cries

October 10, 2009

I am so weak and small
Weaker, smaller than them all,
Yet so strong and mighty I will someday be,
If only one, just one person will have mercy on me.
Please don’t take advantage of my weakness,
But think about my strange uniqueness.
Not one person on the earth will be like me,
Not one will have my destined qualities.
To see my hair, my finger prints and eyes
Is God’s special gift and you should count it a prize.
So, please don’t try to hide me,
But let the world see,
Mommy, oh Mommy,
Please don’t murder me.

Think of everything I may become
I might be even more special then some.
I might be the President of the USA
Or be an actress and hit the shows in LA.
But maybe I will not be well known,
I could waste my life and roam.
Perhaps I will grow old with no one to love,
And my only help would come from above.
But if this were to be the case,
Wouldn’t you still love me, despite my earthly place?
Mommy, Mommy don’t you care?
Don’t you desire to smell my fuzzy hair?
To play with all my little toes,
And playfully squeeze my perfect nose.
Mommy, oh Mommy, please.
Don’t murder me.

So I hear that you ruined your life,
You filled it with needless emotion and strife.
You slept around and became pregnant
Oh and how your pregnancy wasn’t meant.
But it gives you the right to kill me I suppose?
I thought children were a mother’s special little rose.
Shows how much you cared about me,
When really all you wanted was to be free.
Am I the so-called ‘consequence’ for your actions?
Do you count me as one of your many distractions?
To do away with as you please?
Do I have to beg you on my knees?
Mommy, Mommy,
Don’t murder me.

Now it is my turn to speak for the child,
But be prepared for my speech is not mild.
Didn’t I say in my Word,
And haven’t you heard?
I love the small children, let them come unto me.
I give them life so they may be free.
They are my creations, precious and sure.
Do not kill them because you were impure.
In my Word I say, “Do not kill.”
And you went against my holy will.
And you gave an innocent child their death, undeserved.
Now, justice must be served.
You will get your reward
For your unfair aboard.
And I must tell you the truth,
Now, things will not go well with you.
And another thing, I also said “Anything done to the least
Of these, is done to me.”
Oh dear mother,
Don’t you see?
When you murdered your child you murdered me?

Poem By:  Ashley Jones 
Used with permission.

9/11 Tribute; To those who died, God Bless America.

September 11, 2009

Reformation of the Freedom Fighters

June 23, 2009


In the interest of maintaining the existence of the Freedoms Fighters blog and newsletter, we have decided to do some different organization in our systems of procedures. Due to the increase of workload on many of the staff and writers, our time available for dedicating to the editing, posting, and managing is greatly diminished. So, we have decided to alter our methods of handling things.

Our blog will become our central focus. This is where all articles for the Freedoms Fighters will be posted, except for a few occasional newsletter exclusives. Any person who wishes to write for the Freedoms Fighters in any way, please do one of the following.

  • Get a WordPress account and send an email to <Jackson@Freedom386.com> notifying us that you wish to be a contributor. If we accept you, then we will give you a contributor’s status on the blog. This will enable you to write articles for publication directly on the blog. We will need to review and edit them before they are published. You may not edit or delete them after publication, although you can do so before publication.

  • If you cannot get a WordPress account, then send in your articles to <wordpressless@gmail.com> with your name and country. We will check it periodically and use a separate WordPress account to post it if/when we approve it. Because of the extra hassle involved with this method, we do recommend getting a WordPress account.

If you would like to participate as an editor in the Freedom Fighters staff, then please correspond with Jackson at <Jackson@Freedom386.com> about it. If you are approved as an editor, then we will give you those privileges on the blog. You must have a WordPress account to be an editor. We still have openings for editorial help for those of you who cannot get a WordPress account, though, so please communicate with Jackson at <Jackson@Freedom386.com> about it.

When there has been a sufficient number of articles on the blog since the previous newsletter, then the staff will organize them into a new one. The newsletter will only be sent out when there is either an important announcement, or enough articles to make up a good one. This will allow our contributors to dedicate their time to making high quality articles, rather than rushing for a deadline.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions are welcome.

With freedom in Christ,
The Freedom Fighter Staff

What’s Happening to My Freedom? by Christina Namid with Sara Mercher

May 9, 2009

America was once known as ‘that free country over in the west.’ No, many of us who live here in America are asking, “What happened to that freedom we were once known for?” Well, that’s a very important question for us to ask – and to answer – especially in light of this being an election year. Our new president has made a lot of promises to us, but what many people don’t realize is that many of these new plans are taking our freedom away.

OK – now that I have your attention, let’s take a look a look at some of these promises. What is the one thing that we have a very definite answer from President Obama on? It’s abortion. Mr. President has said that, given the chance, he would immediately sign the FOCA bill. Does anyone else see the irony of this? What is the first word of that name? Freedom. Who’s freedom? The unborn baby who will never see the light of day, nor know the joy of being a mother? Or maybe it’s freedom for the doctors who will no longer have a choice as to whether or not to have an abortion clinic in their hospital. No. It is the woman who is taken into consideration…the woman who already made her choice. Women have the freedom of choice! They have the choice to avoid pre-marital sex – thereby completely erasing any chance of an ‘un-wanted pregnancy.’

FOCA supporters often respond to the Pro-Life position with the accusation that we just want to take away their freedom. But this is not our goal. Our goal is to save the millions of lives that are ended annually, before they get the chance to be lived…not to take away any rightfully granted freedoms. We have the freedom of choice with or without the abortion clinics. Unfortunately, we often miss-use this freedom – as we do many others – and just take it as a cover-up for the sin we long to indulge in.

Not only is it un-biblical, pre-marital sex also brings with it many consequences – not the least of which is it brings with it a very high probability of becoming pregnant. Let me put aside all mention of immorality for a minute. I haven’t heard any Pro-Lifer say that they disagree with any birth-control. In fact, we highly agree with birth control. It’s called avoiding sex unless you want that precious little one in your life. You have a choice, women! But it is made before you ever reach the hospital — your choice is whether or not to have sex, not whether or not to take the life of your baby.

But is it really freedom when a woman is told that an abortion is the answer to the problem that is now growing in her womb, when the truth of the matter is that an abortion just brings guilt, regret, sorrow and sometimes depression, in un-controllable waves? Is it freedom when a government lies to its citizens? Is it freedom for that little child when its mother chooses to have sex without wanting the baby? You see, our freedom is in a choice made long before any abortion clinic. Once you have made that choice, there are no other choices. You are simply left with the consequences of your choice. If you don’t want the consequences, make a different decision, but don’t wait till you get to the hospital to do it.

What we often don’t see – or rather I should say – what we choose not to see, is that the choices we make today affect our children tomorrow. Would a mother take her 2 year old daughter to the abortion clinic with her? Of course not!! “She’s not old enough to understand,” she would say, and then leave her at home. Is she really too young to understand? Or is it that she really is old enough to understand, she just understands better than her mother, and is therefore left at home? Children have this un-canny way of seeing right through our facades and directly to the truth, and putting it in terms that make it sound blatantly wrong. In Matthew chapter 18 verse 2, Jesus said that unless we come to Him as little children, we will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Why? Because Jesus wants us to just be oblivious to what’s going on around us, like a child? No. Because kids don’t want a two-page outline on why they’re not supposed to touch the hot stove, Mom says don’t touch the stove, they trust her. It’s when they start getting a little older, they think, “Mom said don’t touch it, that means there must be something good that will happen when I touch it – she just doesn’t want anything good to happen to me.” And they touch the hot stove and get burned. The truth is, teen-agers and adults are the same way with God that little kids are with their parents. “God said that even saying ‘I hate you’ to someone is as bad as murdering them, but what he really meant was [fill in the blank].” And so we rationalize the murder of innocent babies by saying that they aren’t really babies. Well, frankly, I don’t see what could possibly happen in the split second between still being considered a ‘fetus,’ when it’s in the uterus, or the birth canal, and then suddenly it’s outside of the woman’s body, and now, oh check that out, it’s a real baby!

This plight of all of America’s murdered babies is so incredibly similar to the plight of all of the murdered Jews during World War II. The Germans considered themselves the ‘superior race’ and the Jews to be of a race equal to the rats and bedbugs – not worth even a decent death or burial. They were gassed, so that masses of them could be killed, and then their bodies were cremated in furnaces that ran 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just to keep up with the death rate. Can no one else see the irony of this? America was outraged when we found out what was happening in the German death camps, but here we are, less than 70 years after we made the horrifying discovery of what had been happening, and we are running our own death clinics!

Were the German Jews complaining that they had too much freedom? No. They were wishing that there was someone who would make the Germans stop…and I believe that Jesus is waiting for the same thing now. Jesus is waiting for His people to step forward, into the freedom He has blessed us with here in America, and bring this despicable scourge of murder to an end, just as we did back in the 1940’s to the Germans.

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What is Freedom by Amzi Mac Con Midhe

May 6, 2009

What is freedom? Is freedom the ability to do whatever you want? Or is it the ability to think for yourself? Does freedom come from no rules, or do boundaries free you from choices? There are several views of freedom. First, freedom can be viewed as a deliverance from something. It can be a release from rules and authority. Second, freedom might be the ability to do something, like the privilege to believe what you want without persecution. Third, one finds that ultimate freedom comes from submitting to the truth of God’s gospel.

One way to see freedom is to look at it like the typical American does. Freedom means that one can do what one wants. Consider the average teenager; they want to be free enough to go where they want, wear what they want, and do what they want. They think they want total freedom, but they don’t want the freedom to pay the bills, or to cook their own food. No one wants others to be free to steal, or murder, or speed. The truth is, complete freedom would not be pleasant at all. We need to have laws, and boundaries to free us from the freedom of others. Rules free us from choices.

Another view is that freedom is not the absence of rules, but the ability to do what is right. In the Bible, the Israelites were freed from the slavery of Pharaoh so that they could be slaves to their true master, God. Freedom is not from something, but for something in this view. One is not free from rules, but free to follow God. This idea can mesh with reality, because total freedom really is impossible. No one is free from a bias. No one can be free to understand what other people feel unless they have felt it themselves. No one is free to choose their skin color, parents, or place of birth. That’s not our job—it’s God’s job.

The accurate view of freedom is the idea that true freedom only comes from submitting to the truth of God’s gospel. Scripture says that no one is completely free, and that is obvious, but God is sovereign and he determines the things that we don’t have the freedom to choose. The best freedom comes from trusting God. When one doesn’t have to worry about what is right and wrong, and why they exist, they are free from questions. The answers are in the Bible. When one is free for God to be our King, one is automatically freed from other lords: sin and death.

In conclusion, we see that freedom can be defined several different ways. One can view freedom as a release from authority, or one can see it as a release to authority. Ultimately, though, true freedom comes from submitting to God’s gospel and trusting Him. Total and complete freedom is impossible because the freedom of one person might infringe on the freedom of another person. Boundaries free us from the many choices in life. Those who claim to be free still enslave themselves to drugs and alcohol, because they haven’t acknowledged that true freedom is being a bond-servant to Christ.

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The Thieving Theory by Lorrie Welsh.

May 4, 2009

“Darwinism.” What comes to mind when you hear that word? For some it’s a belief, for others just a theory, but in reality it is a thief, a thief that has stolen something very precious from mankind. Whether you believe in Evolution or Creation, I am here to give light to the truth. Allow me to lay before you what both Creation and Evolution says about how life came into existence.

I will start with Evolution, where Darwin explains the origin of the world. He starts by assuming that about two hundred million years ago, one or more germs “appeared” on this planet and these germs reproduced and changed, evolving over the years into separate animal and plant species. Some say it was twenty-four million years ago with only one germ. Darwin’s son said it was fifty-seven million years ago. You see how when you are only guessing how different every guess is? And how many questions does this leave unanswered? Where did the germs come from? How did they decide when it was a good idea to start reproducing?

Now, what does Creation have to say about the origin of life? The Bible says in Genesis that “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…” The Bible does not begin by saying “about this many years ago a God made the earth.” It says that God created the world and all life in it, and begins by stating this, “In the beginning God created.” There is no other argument or fact given.

Next, the origin of man and all other life; Darwin guessed that two hundred million years ago one or more germs appeared on the planet and immediately got to work reproducing. (How do you like that, we’re all a bunch of germs.) After a few billion years they gave us between two to three million species of both plants and animals. Now if all species slowly evolved over a huge span of years then the earth would teem with evidence. But where is the evidence? If you are thinking about Lucy, toss that idea out. I hardly think one jaw bone that may or may not be human is the link we are looking for. As William Jennings Bryan said in his lecture, Is the Bible True? “We have a million times a million links that would have existed if Evolution was true; but they have not found a single one.”

In Creationism the twenty-fourth verse in the first chapter of Genesis states God’s law for reproduction, “According to its kind”. Not one living thing, animal, mineral, or vegetable has violated this law, ever. Scientists have not found a single species that can be proven to have come from another. If all species can be traced to the same germ or organism, then there would be evidenced somewhere of a change, but there is none. Scientists have studied countless specimens and have not found one in the process of change.

Now, what about Mankind? How did we start? In Darwin’s, Descent of Man, he goes back as far as he can go to find life, tracing it down to the present. To explain Mankind’s presence here on earth Darwin begins by saying “We may well suppose,” (he uses this phrase eight hundred times in two volumes.) When he arrives to the place where man comes into the picture he says we came from the Old World monkey, then goes on to say that we probably came from the chimpanzee rather than the gorilla. Why? Because supposedly the gorilla was too big and strong to develop the social instincts, so it was decided that we came from a weaker group of monkeys. So we’re now not only a bunch of germs, but weak, stupid chimps. Just out of curiosity, if we really and truly came from the chimps, then why are there still chimps? You might say they stopped evolving because there were enough humans on the earth to keep it populated, but how did the chimps know when to stop evolving? I doubt it was just instinct; for if they started by evolving why would they suddenly stop?

Where Mankind came from and why we are here is the biggest truth of life that Darwinism was taken from us. The twenty-sixth verse of the first chapter of Genesis, explains Man’s presence here on earth. In this verse we see that after God made all things He made man. Not like or as all things, but in His own image. What makes life worth living? The fact that all men were created in the image of God to love and be loved by Him, not just as another animal to roam and take up space on the earth, but as a child precious in His sight. That an all knowing, all loving God would wish to create Man in His own image and call them His beloved is the greatest knowledge that Darwin has stolen from mankind. By taking God out of the picture Darwin also took out love. Not just any love, by The Love. He also took purpose, human worth, grace, forgiveness, freedom and countless other things.

In conclusion, I will ask this question: if you searched the world over, read all the books there are to read on the subject, asked all the questions there are to ask, and studied every aspect of science, how in all good sense could you still believe that the theory of the world evolving out of nothing could be true? Where are the missing links? They are not missing for they never existed to begin with.

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